Over the last year I have had the pleasure of attending a few races where Tiffany and Diesel from Operation Motor Sports who graciously hosted myself and Nikki. During these visits I got the pleasure of meeting and hearing first hand from several veterans who benefit from this great charity. I encourage you to hit the link below and take a moment to read up on what these guys do... they make a difference.

There will be a limited run of Artist’s proofs (11) signifying Remembrance Day, November 11th, and SN’s (signed and numbered) 22 prints, signifying the number of soldiers / veterans who take their lives every day.

 Proceeds from the sale of this limited edition will benefit Operation Motorsport.  This organization helps provide relief to veterans who are ill, injured or wounded by using motorsports racing in a therapeutic way.  They present these veterans with educational and industry opportunities to aid in their retraining, recovery and rehabilitation.   Fabio is proud to support this worthy cause, and is excited for the  official release of this art in support of Operation Motorsport and what they do to help deserving veterans.

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